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Latest Articles from Pugh

The Complete Guide to Online Property Auctions

Written by Paul Parker on Thursday 13/10/2022

Auction gavel on keyboard to signify online auction

Whether you’re new to buying or selling a property at
online auction or you’ve been through the process before, here we’ll explain how it all works.

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Is 2022 a Good Time to Sell Your Home?

Written by Paul Thompson on Thursday 22/09/2022

Couple reviewing document with surveyor in their home

If you’ve been considering moving, we’re sure you’re wondering whether you should sell your property in 2022 or wait until next year. So, let’s talk about what’s happening in the market at the moment, and whether now is a good time to sell your home.

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Property Auction and The Rental Market

Written by Edward Feather on Thursday 15/09/2022

'To Let' sign outside of property on UK housing estate

Here, we’ll explain rental yields, how to improve your investment profitability, and why online property auctions are a great option for purchasing buy-to-let properties.

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Selling Residential Property at Online Auction: What Can You Sell in 2022?

Written by Will Thompson on Monday 09/05/2022

Street of terraced residential housing

Auction properties sell on average 4 times quicker than through private treaty and sometimes that is the priority of the seller. Below we have provided some examples of the types of residential properties that can be sold at online auction with Pugh Auctions.

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Selling Commercial Property at Online Auction: What Can You Sell in 2022?

Written by Paul Thompson on Sunday 10/04/2022

Commercial building with classic architecture

There are many different types of commercial properties that sell well at auction, making it an ideal route for a fast and secure sale.

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Dealing with Commercial Tenant Insolvency, A Landlord's Guide

Written by Will Thompson on Monday 04/10/2021

Keys being exchanged over a contract

What should you do if a commercial tenant enters insolvency, and can you mitigate your own risks at this time?

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Public Auctions for Local Government, Authorities & Councils

Written by Paul Thompson on Thursday 08/07/2021

Houses of parliament public building

In our monthly online auctions, we sell a mix of commercial properties and land, from government offices to leisure centres. We also sell residential properties such as former council houses as an example.

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Selling Assets at Insolvency Property Auction in the UK

Written by Paul Thompson on Thursday 01/07/2021

Sorry we're closed sign in shop window

Our auctions are notorious for high sale success and quick sales, making us the go-to choice for property sale after commercial tenant insolvency.

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Is Flexibility the Key to Estate Agents Partnering with Auctioneers?

Written by Will Thompson on Thursday 10/06/2021

Handshake to signify closure of a deal

Whilst it was once seen as a way to sell niche or run-down properties, auction is now a mainstream method of sale widely relied upon by estate agents and the public.

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Property Auction Finance Options, Bridging Loans & Mortgages

Written by Paul Thompson on Wednesday 09/06/2021

An auction hammer and a house keying

Purchasing a property at auction offers many benefits, but the financing rules differ from 'standard' purchases. This is because the legal timeframe for buying is shorter.

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